Herobrine Origins: The Movie (Minecraft Film)

EliteProductions proudly present “Herobrine Origins: The Movie”.
Herobrine Origins: The Movie combines all 3 current Origins films and puts them all together in one big film. With updated visuals, animation, voice acting, music and deleted scenes!

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DISCLAIMER: All music & sound in this video does not belong to us. We only did the voice and visual part.

30 thoughts on “Herobrine Origins: The Movie (Minecraft Film)”

  1. That movie bro make me cry i can feel the feelings and actions and thoughts in me i can feel what's not best to do or to do…..😭😭😭😔😔 and that was the lovely story. Keep up the good work, make more.

  2. How It Make?
    Use Minecraft To Record
    Vegas PRO To Edit(Sound Effects And ETC)
    Use A Potion In Minecraft
    Flashback(Vegas PRO)
    And More(Vegas PRO)

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