Pray for Snow: The Movie

10 Barrel presents; Pray for Snow: The Movie. Join our team of 10 Barrel athletes; Ben Ferguson, Eric Jackson, Lucas Wachs, and Curtis Ciszek as they celebrate awesome snow, one of our favorite beers, and good times with friends.

Music from the movie can be found here:

A 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Production
– Starring: Ben Ferguson, Eric Jackson, Lucas Wachs, and Curtis Ciszek
– Principle Cinematographers: Justin Eeles, Connor Winton, Jasper Newton, John Cavan
– Director and Editor: John Cavan
– Producers: Ryan Runke, Grady Skelton, Andy Goggins, Anne Jackson
– Art Direction: Matt Montagne
– Motion Graphics: Reilly Goldberg
– Film Colorist: Andrew Anderson
– With Special Guests: Sebbe De Buck, Big Air Jare (Jared Elston), Gabe Ferguson, Red Gerard, Brandon Davis, Stale Sandbech, Scott Blum, Karl Fostvrdt
– Music Supervisor: Anne Jackson
– Photography by: Aaron Blatt and Darcy Bacha
– Additional Filming by: Spencer “Gimbal God” Whiting, Tyler Orton, The Manboys, John Jackson, Danny Kern, Axel Peterson

Dedicated to the memory of Curtis Ciszek Sr.

35 thoughts on “Pray for Snow: The Movie”

  1. what is there to dislike. It's mainly snowboarding and a bit of either like it or you don't, and if you don't like it then why did you click on it in the first place?? Anyways cool short film

  2. Praying for snow while mass producing, selling, or chugging beer doesn't actually work. But God may answer your prayer if you repent of your sins (including drunkenness) & forsake your sins & wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ unto Life eternal. For proper pow' riding under God ~

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