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  1. Aurin Das

    I just finished watching the movie and honestly loved it soo much!! lots of things changed and I wish I got some of the true scenes from the book but it was still SO GOOD😭😍🤩

  2. 7474jd

    So he doesn't get pissed that she was in his room at the party? Seems like it's going to be past the first part of the book faster than I was able to read it. I'll want to watch the foreign version if available.

  3. Sara Davis

    I actually loved the movie but now that I'm hearing the differences between the movie and book I'm kind of bummed that they didn't add those extra parts you're mentioning. (I didn't read the book.) I thought that the scenes did go pretty fast and that the movie got a lot better once they moved into together, but I was able to understand what was going on, but then again I had no prior knowledge to base the timeline off of.

  4. Samantha Assaf

    You know when you read the book you will be disappointed when you see the movie. It was really fast paced and Hardin is supposed to be mean not soft towards her so easily. Wish it was rated R like the book mostly.

  5. Gia

    I just came back from seeing the movie. I know that to make a movie you have to change many things because TIME, but honestly I was really disappointed. All the actors were great but the plot was a mess. Everything seemed so rush and out of place, and Hardin was way to nice to be Hardin, he never even made fun of Tessa. Zed wasn't even part of the movie, and he's a BIG deal for the book. And wtf with the plants? That sounds nothing like Hardin. Also they forgot about Hardin's nightmares. I'd give it a 4/10. Cute movie, but very different than the book.

  6. Michelle G

    Plot twist – what if the next movie they make is “before” and thats why they cut the parts so that they can make more sense once you watch the next movie ??

  7. Megan Mullaney

    I think if the movie had been rated R or something hey could have improved it quite a bit because the parts that were lacking were parts that could have been included if it was rated for a bigger audience. Just my take

  8. alaney w

    i was sadly in general just disappointed. if i didn’t read the book i’d love the movie, but i’ve read it at least 5 times and just didn’t like the movie. it was choppy and rushed and barely any character development

  9. The Wonder

    The thing that bugged me a little was the bath scene when Hardin writes on Tessa’s back and shes completely clueless of what he wrote. Like you would think she would know as she loves reading

  10. monserrat soto

    I'm not mad or anything. Im just disappointed. They had all the pieces to making a great movie; the perfect cast, an existing fanbase, numerous books to pull from, the author of those books on set to help, an awesome cinematographer and free press (channels like this). I will always be grateful that After had the opportunity to become a movie and we have all these amazing visuals, but there is still this feeling I can't shake, a feeling that this was a miss. It's like, even if in the future there is an After remake or a TV show (which is unlikely) it will never be with this perfect Cast or it won't have this same "first-time" excitement and that makes me incredibly sad.

  11. Holly W

    I saw the movie on Friday and I was so excited that finally after years we are getting a movie but was honestly really disappointed. I knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be exactly like the book but everything felt so rushed and they left out so many KEY details.


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