The IMPOSSIBALL ⛔ Flat Earth Movie

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The earth is a spinning ball flying through space? #IMPOSSIBALL

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40 comments on “The IMPOSSIBALL ⛔ Flat Earth Movie

  1. Peter Moore

    trolls you need to get of that sinking ship fast time is not on your side , we have all bean lied to santa isn,t true it is your mum and dad same with the tooth fairy

  2. Free dom

    OMFG. People are really getting dumbed down. WE REGRESS, it's many 100 years ago people believed we lived on a flat disc, and later we found that to be a lie or not so. But fuck me if people now regress so much they start to think backwards and I find humanity ridicules. We are really SO stupid, and most do not even see the regression. Of course the Earth is not flat you retarded idiot there send this. Go lie somewhere else. Go be ignorant elsewhere. Flat earth my ass. GOD, the stupidity of man know NO limits. This is pure old thinking and there IS NO PROOF of a flat earth and I have flown a lot and I see it curve, so fuck off with your mid-evil-thinking(or not thinking)… Flat earth, it really show HOW much we have been dumbed down. SO low so we take topics from 500-2000 years ago and say they were right and all new knowledge is an illusion. THATS the TOP of ignorance.

  3. largraf

    If the Earth is flat, why don't all plane flights from one side of it go over the North Pole to get to countries on the other side of the Pole, since that would be the straightest path?

  4. Schlomo Shekelsteeler

    Comment sections of Jewtube…. Lol. Nothing but Jews, liars, kids who think they're authorities after a few cartoons and pamphlet propaganda etc.. This is why the elite will always win. Sheople can't figure out why wasting time on Jewtube debates with paid trolls all day, is killing them.

  5. Ray Navarre

    When I was a kid, I thought the earth is flat, upon going to school, our teacher told us it is spherical. Well, I'm older but still no wiser… I might be wrong or correct or both(quantum mechanics), or it is either round or flat depending on where you are (theory of relativity).

  6. alice hatterz

    Nothing really predates the Christian basic faiths since the Babylonian map included Armenia, the only surviving remnant of the old world and on one of their cave walls there is a picture of adam and eve in the Garden of Eden, the serpent, and the forbidden fruit.

  7. Walter M

    The narrator at the beginning of this video, his country accent is f#cking offensive. I'm from the country and although we may have an accent we are not stupid and think the earth is flat. Do you think farming is not a global effort without knowledge of an atmosphere on a spherical earth??? F#ck you! You piece of sh!t Eat dicks

  8. Mr G Evans

    Just factual observations should put it to bed. No need to argue Science. WWII, the Americans and Japanese didn't sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously they could reach each other via the Pacific Ocean. We know that you can sail across the Atlantic from Europe to America, you would have to take your flat earth and roll it 'AROUND' to be able to achieve these things. The whole Dome thing is interesting, have you considered our impact creators and falling space junk?

  9. Kendra Cummings

    Even the United AbomiNations logo is a flat earth. Of course maybe they're the ones who spun this new idea so we'd question a globe earth. Wtf knows anymore. So much satanism…so little time.

  10. elvoray

    I have never heard a more "dead" voice then the woman who asked the questions. Is she a Vampire? Is this really about Vampires? There appears to be more baloney here than on CNN. I didn't watch this until the end but I expect to see CNN propaganda actor Don Lemon putting down old white men. Was I right?

  11. Tarquin Quinnum

    The ONLY thing that is flat here, is CLEARY, your FLAT BRAINLESS FUCKING HEADS…….YOU STUPID STUPID MORONIC DICKHEADS….you should be jailed for dribbling this absolute fucking garbage…..

  12. Gil Torres

    40 miles is nothing plus it does have a slight curvature because you can’t really see the bottom of the city from that distance I’m referring to Chicago

  13. William Surber

    30:00 . Everyone shut up and focus on 2 points that come up here: "We can't get outside of earth's orbit" and right after that "We had the technology to go to the moon in 1969 but we don't in 2019" wtf 🤔

  14. Saturn Starfart

    I was thinking about all th previous civilizations before Us, and at first thought maybe cataclysm, or even Aliens came every few thousand Years and turned us into "Soylent Green", or used us as a huge Factory to manufacture weopons and Tech for Them, but I believe God woul'nt allow Aliens such Evil. After seeing this I think maybe when civilizations get to a point when We grow up and can behave and not smash everything and steal toys from other kids, and not push Our Little Brother down the Stairs cause Daddy likes His drawing better, then maybe We are allowed to go beyond the South Pole Edges and live with the other Big Kids out of the Play Pen..Just a Philosophy though. I can't prove it, but My intuition thinks it's easier to prove than "the Big Bang"..That's just silly. Big Bang.LOL.


    FUNNY how the scientific Atheistic communities research for decades to discover they are proving the BIBLE to be the WORD and the TRUTH… (BTW)
    Where did the book of ENOCH say they came from??? Was it a distant planet far far away….NOPE🚫

  16. C.C. Arshagra

    Tesla's understanding of what reality is, plus the mathamatical term sin, the scientific stuty of living in frequency, vibration, and the limits of the 5 sences, and the T.O.E. "Theory Of Everything" may be the key resolve of this debate beyond science, pseudoscience, organizationed religion, faith, belief, and words as weapons of deceit, or tools of transcendence onto what is the next question to ask beyond this. It appear. The core of this is deny no question, outlaw no Information controdicing destination of reality and fear no question, and that of honesty beyond fear that questions it on.
    We are a slave species living in a debt-based currency slave/slaver system.

    "Money is only an idea" ~ C.C. Arshagra

  17. David Sutter

    Holy shit the sun.does expand and shrink I always thought it stayed the same size through out the day. You know I think movies stories have hidden messages in them. Like lord of the rings. Besides Saturn's rings having same title. Maybe those rings are these ice walls. He even titles it middle earth. And despite defeating sauron the main characters all left middle earth at the end. I bet the middle always goes down under and a new land is born and continuously takes in.then builds new. America being new but we have many ancient pyramids. Idk but obviously it's a big deal otherwise these elite people wouldnt bring it up a d waiste time trying to debunk

  18. manny CARRION

    i have found god he is withen all of us in our minds n souls but da evil people of da old world enslaved us in a matrix for the aliens slash demons dat they worship so wakeup its not flat or round cuz we are in a prison for da mind the world as we know is 90% mental n 10% physical we are in a matrix


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