The Reality of #VanLife – Full Documentary Movie – 2018

A movie That follows an ex van dwellers journey as he seeks to dispel the myths about living in a van that social media shows. A look into the Hashtag that claims to represent vanlife.

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This comical and quirky documentary answers questions posed to prominent members of the Van dwelling community, Can this lifestyle replace the “American Dream” of the home in the suburbs, is it really how it looks on instagram, and what does it take to become famous for #Vanlife. the classic format of documentaries of interviewing people with answers shortly into the movie gets dismantled as Forrest decides to attempt to make himself vanlife famous on instagram. The only problem is… he doesn’t even live in a van.

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32 thoughts on “The Reality of #VanLife – Full Documentary Movie – 2018”

  1. Want to know more about the Movie? See BTS? Director commentary? Me reacting and reading comments from this movie,?The budget and how it was made? how much money a movie like this can make? and also explaining it for those who didn't get it?
    This is my second channel where I post additional information and the videos that answer all these questions!

    Director commentary //

    Reacting to comments, explaining the concept for those who missed it //

  2. I am from the Philipines and I could say I am amazed by you people doing van life. Cool and independent. It would be hard to do in a tropical island. You try sleeping even at night in summer and you could suffer heat stroke. Try it in manila during the typhoon season and you would drown with your vehicle. No space to park too. There are beaches and many tourist sites in the provinces though and I may yet to try it too. But then I have to buy a nice vehicle first. I wonder if there are some in other tropical countries living the van life? Good luck and stay safe everyone!

  3. Why don’t people just save up for RVs. Seems to be a better option than living in a van. It would take longer to pay off or save up for but it still cheaper than a full home and it’s bigger and MADE for living in for the most part.

  4. Tiny Homes is the solution. Low impact on the environment and more sustainable for a family lifestyle. There is a connection with nature and community which lacks in Condo and even traditional suburban living. Each tiny home community should have an year-round farm for crops and animals, and a vehicle rental facility (1 car for every 10 people). This will also be affordable.

  5. Bunch of pussy cry babies. I had to live in a Jeep grand cherokee with a full size dog and a medium dog.
    Working full time in construction, not living easy on beaches. Going to the gym to work out and shower, and the rest of the time taking my dogs to parks and on hikes because they spent the rest of the time confined while I worked. For almost a year. With no mommy and Daddy to call for help.
    My biggest concern was the cops. Waking up three times a night in the snow to warm my place up so my dogs don't freeze.
    Pioneers had to live harshly surviving off the land and fighting off intruders and hostiles.
    Not posting pussy shit on the internet about cheap shampoo and bad wifi signal.
    All the tits and ass channels are just LARPing, and getting money to be jobless roamers. Trying to get money from horny dudes through pay pal, that fantasize about banging some hot granola chick on a beach. You don't need to vlog your life and cry about the hardships.

  6. I had a 1961 school bus converted and lived the nomadic lifestyle in the early 1970's.I eventually ended up on the small Cree island called Fort George in James Bay,Quebec teaching there for a few years.My need for adventure became overwhelming and so I moved on buying 300 acre farmland in Abitibi,Quebec (Rouyn/Noranda area).Now a senior living on Vancouver Island watching others venture out.This is what I would suggest,just have the experience of living and travelling on the road while being cautious as you will experience pleasant/unpleasant situations.Best memories in many cases are the difficulties as all problems have their solutions.Twenty five years later and I'm still on Vancouver Island to end my days here,it's been a great life folks.I enjoyed viewing this video,thank you.

  7. I lived in a van for 3 years. Joined a gym for my showers and stuff. Solar panel on roof, 2 leisure batteries. 25kg gas bottle onboard. Water i got from work. Registered at my brothers house for post and voting and Council tax. Owed nothing to anyone. Great life.

  8. What are you doing man. Dude your kinda an ass hole to bring attention to the lifestyle like that. Your litteraly acting out the part of a yuppie. what made you think that is a good idea. If I see you on the road I am going to cave your nuts in with my steel toes so you dont reproduce you cuck.

  9. This was a sweet documentary . Good job Forest. I will be waiting for your next film on the subject of hitch hiking . Something I did at the age of 13 across the West . Now days I wouldn't hitch hike across the street .

  10. My profession and hobby's both require a work shop without that I would
    go nuts with boredom .
    My life is too big for a van or a camper trailer .

  11. The happiest people I know live a balanced life. 1. Family 2. Day job used to finance the family and home, kids need stability and consistency to function psychologically. 3. Build monetary income in between, use 7 hours a week or an hour a day and enjoy the growth process. #patience 4. Travel often, some go 3 times a yr #vanlife #cruiselife #travellife

    All these things should flow as a synchronized dance that has chaotic moments. But an all or nothing lifestyle is unrealistic. And ultimately leads to disdain and unhappiness.

  12. Thank you for this documentary. It definitely gave a more realistic perspective to allow me to determine how I would approach van life and how long I would possibly be interested in experiencing it. I don't find the social media aspect important unless you're trying to make a living off it, but that is definitely one way to obtain an income while pursuing daily adventures. After watching this, I understand that this lifestyle isn't completely for me, but it's certainly an interesting adventure I would like to participate in the future. Thanks again!

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