Batwara | Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Poonam Dhillon | Action Drama Hindi Movie

Batwara | Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Poonam Dhillon | Action Drama Hindi Movie
Batwara is a 1989 Bollywood film directed by J.P. Dutta. The film stars Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Amrita Singh, Poonam Dhillon, Shammi Kapoor, Mohsin Khan and Amrish Puri.
Vikram & Sumer are two close friends, who’s close bond is well known in village. Vikram belongs to upper cast Thakurs, who are landlords. Sumer belongs to lower caste & serves as a cop.

The film is set post independence & a new land sealing law is drafted by Govt, which states that individuals cannot own land beyond a certain limit. This is a big blow to the Thakurs, since they owe 100s of acres of land. As per new law they would have surrender the excess land to govt, which would be distributed to the farmers. The Bade Thakur & his eldest son Deven cannot come to terms with this new change. Deven plans a plot, in which he will distribute the land amongst their relatives by back dating the transaction dates. For this they would need signature / thumb impression of the farmers who are tilling the land (the land is mortgaged to the Thakurs). The Sarpanch (Village Head) is on their side & agrees to help in manipulating the records as well as convincing the farmers to give their approval.

They have a meeting, wherein the farmers are adamant on sticking with their land. Heated argument leads to Deven getting panicked & shooting from his rifle killing one villager. This infuriates the rest & the mob lynch him to death. Vikram rushes back to his village to perform last rites of his brother. He cannot bear the pain of loss of his brother & sets of towards the dwellings of the farmer with his rifle. He kills many farmers & sets fire to their home. From their he escapes to ravines & joins hand with the bandits. Vikram gets his gang, in return the bandits get money & protective from the influential Thakur family. Meanwhile, Vikram’s youngest brother Rajendra who is also a cop returns to his village. He is disappointed to see that his brother has turned Bandit. His father urges him to protect Vikram from law and exact revenge from the villagers who have defied their supremacy. Rajendra true to his vow as a cop, refuses to do this.

When Sumer return to his village, he cannot come to terms with what has happened & deeply anguished that his best friend has done it. He marries his love interest Jina immediately since she is orphaned as her brother was killed by Vikram. Sumer meets Vikram & declare that this is the end of their friendship. Meanwhile, Bade Thakur ( Vikram’s Dad) invites Hanumant Thakur (Rajendra’s Junior Cop) to suppress rebellion led by Sumer. Hanumant says that his hands are tied by his boss Rajendra. Bade Thakur arranges for his transfer & Hanumant takes the charge from Rajendra. He then releases a reign of terror. In one such incident he kicks pregnant Jina, which causes her abortion. This infuriates Sumer & he attacks the police station & kills all the cops & assumes that Hanumant has also died, but he survives. He loots of the arsenal from the police & distributes it to the villagers. Now Sumer also turns a bandit & joins hand with rival gang of Vikram.
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DAAVA (2019) New Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Veera Ranachandi | Ragini Dwivedi, Ramesh Bhat

DAAVA (2019) New Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Veera Ranachandi | Ragini Dwivedi, Ramesh Bhat

SYNOPSIS: With Ragini Dwivedi And Padmaja Rao In Prominent Roles, The Movie Was Released In 2017. This Action Movie Was Directed By Anand P. Raju.

Director: ANAND P RAJU
Written By: ANAND P RAJU

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Commando 3 (2015) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Action Movie 2015 | Ajith Kumar, Nayantara, Navdeep

Commando 3 story is based around Shiva (Ajith Kumar), a CBI officer, and his efforts to foil the terrorist John Chinnappa (Suman). Major Shiva is simultaneously attempting to mend relations with his father’s estranged first wife and his half-brother Narain (Navdeep). Complications ensue.

Major John Chinnappa is a scientist who had created tablets by operating on human guinea pigs. His ploys have always been controversial but inconclusive due to the lack of witnesses. However, an ex-gang member, General Ram Prasad (Devan), became a police approver and is on the verge of revealing Chinnappa’s ploys to the police. However, he is on the run to avoid charges. The case falls to Lieutenant Karthikeyan (Nassar), Major Shiva’s father, who had ordered his decommission, who assigns his son to go and help solve the mission.

Karthik tells Shiva to attend college in Tamil Nadu – St. John’s College, Ooty – to protect Ram Prasad’s daughter, Pooja (Piaa Bajpai), from meeting with her father. Shiva pleads that he has never seen a civilian college before and doesn’t know much about the current generation. The General points out that, by a strange coincidence, Pooja attends school in the same town where Ram Prasad is hiding. Shiva can protect Pooja and look for Ram Prasad at the same time. Shiva goes undercover as a student returning to college after many years away taking care of the family business. He is much older than the other students, who at first make fun of him because of his lack of new-generation styles. He also has to deal with the many goofy teachers as well the idiotic forgetful principal of the college, Albert (Jayaram).

He finds Narain, who is later revealed to be Shiva’s brother. Pooja is Narain’s best friend and he is secretly jealous that other girls can get his attention but she can’t. Shiva saves Pooja from John Chinnapa’s men, who kidnap her while Narain and others think it’s a prank. He later becomes a sensation among the students and teachers. He befriends Narain and Pooja and falls in love with the chemistry teacher, Mallika (Nayantara), after being attracted by her beauty and in a bid to convince other students that he is one of them. During his regular jogging sessions Shiva spots Ram Prasad and chases him till he escapes with the help of an helmet-clad bike rider who is later revealed to be Narain. Pooja comes to know that Narain has been helping her father and feels cheated by him.

Narain tries to apologise to Pooja many times, but she refuses to talk to him. Irked by this, Narain drinks and explains his actions when John’s men come again to kidnap Pooja. They beat up Narain, but Shiva comes to their rescue. Narain and Pooja patch up after the fight sequences. Shiva takes Narain to his home where he learns that Narain is his brother and meets his mother. The flashback sequences describe Shiva’s childhood (he is an orphan) and explain why his mother and father live separately.

The next day when Pooja introduces Ram Prasad to Shiva, Shiva arrests him – much to the disappointment of Pooja and Narain. Then everyone in the college including Mallika learns that Shiva is a policeman.

Shiva then drives Ram Prasad straight to John Chinnapa’s hiding place, avoiding the traps that he had set. A fight ensues between Shiva and John Chinnappa’s men in which John is finally killed. In the final scenes Mallika is shown with Shiva’s parents and brother while he has gone to Afghanistan as part of another mission.

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Himmat Full Movie | Bollywood Action Movie | Sunny Deol Hindi Action Movie | Shilpa Shetty| HD Movie

Watch Hindi Action Movie Himmat (1996) Bollywood Action Movie.
Starring: Sunny Deol, Tabu, Shilpa Shetty, Naseeruddin Shah, Sudesh Berry, Kiran Kumar, Gulshan Grover.
Director: Sunil Sharma, Producer: Sangeeta Singh

Ajay Devgn Latest Action Hindi Full Movie | Sayesha Saigal, Erika Kaar, Vir Das

Directed by : Ajay Devgn

Written by : Sandeep Srivastava
Robin Bhatt

Story by : Uday Khunti

Starring : Ajay Devgn
Sayesha Saigal
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Abigail Eames
Vir Das
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Saurabh Shukla

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