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Tirangaa 1992 Full Hindi Movie HD | Nana Patekar, Raj Kumar, Deepak Shirke, Mamta Kulkarni

Please watch: “ROBOT Movie Black Sheep Scene in Hindi | Robot Movie Best Scene” –~–
#Videodiscover #Tirangaa1992
Brigadier Suryadev Singh and Police Inspector Shivajirao Waghle are appointed to bring down Pralayanth, an evil man who murdered officer Rudrapratap Chauhan and plans to evade India.

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Dhamaal (2007) (HD) Hindi Full Movie – Ritesh Deshmukh – Arshad Warsi – Javed Jaffrey – Sanjay Dutt

Dhamaal is about four friends afflicted by the get rich quick virus. Their fortunes take a turn after they accidentally bump into a victim who tells them about a hidden treasure who tells them about a hidden treasure in Goa including 10 crore rupees. The group race toward Goa in Contractors stolen car little knowing that their plans will soon be foiled albeit hilariously by Police Inspector Kabir Nayak – Sanjay Dutt.

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Be Imaan बेईमान (1972) | Full Hindi Movie | Manoj Kumar | Rakhee | Nazima

हिंदी मूवी बेईमान
The Film Was Remade In Tamil As En Magan With Sivaji Ganesan.
Starring Manoj Kumar, Raakhee, Pran, Prem Chopra, Premnath And Nazima
Music Directed by Shankar Jaikishan
Film Directed by Sohanlal Kanwar
Singer Asha Bhosle, Mukesh, Mahendra Kapoor, Lata Mangeshkar And Kishore Kumar
Lyricist Varma Malik

Seth Jamna Das’s (Raj Mehra) only college-going daughter Sapna (Rakhee) is involved with poor Shyam (Manoj Kumar). Failing to persuade her, and prevail upon her to marry DIG Gopal Das’s (Prem Nath) only son, Deepak (Prem Chopra) he agrees to marry off the lovers. But on the night of marriage Shyam is not only accused of a safe break but also death of Kamini (Snehlata), and forced to join the criminals in a spate of robberies after one of which there is a showdown between him and the rest, and he manages to escape and lands in a town where he saves a young girl, Meena (Nazima) from a group of hooligans, who then forces him to come to her house for first aid treatment. Meena is the daughter of an honest cop, Constable Ram Singh (Pran) who instantly adopts him (now called Mohan) as his son.

Notwithstanding continuity jerks; now all actions (murders, rapes, gold smuggling) and characters find themselves in the same town. And the lecherous Deepak in partnership with Jamna Das is the kingpin of all unlawful activities even though DIG Gopal Das is honesty personified. In the swiftly changing scenario, the old lovers get reunited, songs and dances in flashback follow, Shyam/Mohan finds out Kamini is alive, after some fisticuffs he is arrested, Ram Singh gets promoted as Sub-Inspector, but in a chase to prevent Deepak/Jamna Das’s consignment with gold he falls prey to the former’s bullet. DIG Gopal Das gets him cremated with full honours, vowing to get the culprit booked. Jamna Das agrees to marry off Sapna to Deepak to consolidate his nefarious activities but Shyam/Mohan spoils the party leading to a showdown between the partners.

Not only that, he also convinces the DIG about his son’s doings, how he had been hoodwinked into the aiding them, and brings him to the scene of action where the party is in a confessional mode. And in an attempt to escape, Deepak even fires at his father.

[Full Movie] 大話紅樓 Dream of The Red Chamber | 無厘頭 Comedy, Eng Sub. 1080P

故事簡介 Plot Summary:電影《大話紅樓 Dram of The Red Chamber》乃是從紅樓夢裡衍生出的一段演戲。話說賈寶玉逆天行事,終日吃喝玩樂不肯跟服從安排跟林黛玉在一起,終於惹怒上天,將他革出仙班,貶為乞丐。賈寶玉為重新得道,反追林黛玉,可是時過境遷,林黛玉已經轉投了深情公子馬文才的懷抱。豈料馬文才想利用林黛玉得道成仙。雙玉一步步陷入危機當中。兩人心底的秘密也隨之解開,上演了一出驚天地泣鬼神的絕世虐戀。

背景 Background: “Dream of the Red Chamber”, also called “The Story of the Stone”, composed by Cao Xueqin, is one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels. It was written sometime in the middle of the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty. Long considered a masterpiece of Chinese literature, the novel is generally acknowledged to be the pinnacle of Chinese fiction. “Redology” is the field of study devoted exclusively to this work.

出品 Produced: 影趣文化 The Funny Film
導演 Director: 房映華 Fang Yinghua
主演 Starring: 于蘇桐、崔冬晨、劉沫彤、方言
題材 Feature: 喜劇 Comedy 玄幻 Fantasy 無厘頭

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—-[熱播網劇] 假鳳虛凰 獨家正版 [Web Series] Male Princess and Female Prince 古裝 History. 喜劇 Comedy. 愛情 Romance. 2017 趙予熙, 劉濟愷, 董子鳴 等明星版.
—-[熱播網劇]妖行天下 獨家正版 [Web Series] A Spirits World / Demon World 魔幻劇 Fantasy 2018
—-[熱播網劇]好好先森 獨家正版 [Web Series] Mr. Nice喜劇 Comedy 2017 關曉彤,曹雲金,高曉攀,張大禮,劉雲天,李箐,潘霜霜 等明星版.
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Tamil Super Hit Full Action Movie HD Thairiyam | HD | Mega Hit Action Film | Tamil Cinemas

Tamil Super Hit Full Action Movie HD Thairiyam | HD | Mega Hit Action Film | Tamil Cinemas

Thairiyam ,Telgu Movie Tamil Dubbed1080 H D Full Movie-Thangachi Story,Cast Saikumar, Nagendrababu,Soapraj,Kuruthath, Nandhini , Music Sadhu Kokila, Direction H S Rajasekar, Produced By Pavan Presents , D Ramakrishna

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Namo Venkatesa Movie Back to Back Comedy Scenes || Venkatesh, Brahmanandam

Watch Namo Venkatesa movie back to back comedy scenes, starring Venkatesh, Trisha, Mukesh Rishi, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Chandra Mohan, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Ali, M. S. Narayana, Satya Prakash, Pruthvi Raj, Srinivasa Reddy, Siva Reddy, Sivanarayana, Telangana Shakuntala, Surekha Vani, Delhi Rajeswari, Kalpana, Sandya, Master Bharat Kumar. This film is directed by Sreenu Vaitla and produced by D Suresh Babu. Music composed by Devi Sri Prasad

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