Fight Back To School Subtitle Indonesia | Stephen Chow, Man Tat Ng, Man Cheung [Action Comedy]

Star Chow (Stephen Chow) is about to be kicked out of the Royal Hong Kong Police’s elite Special Duties Unit (SDU). But a senior officer decides to give him one last chance: Star must go undercover as a student at the Edinburgh High School in Hong Kong to recover the senior officer’s missing revolver. The undercover operation is made complicated when Star is partnered with Tat – an aging, incompetent police detective (Ng Man-Tat). However, Star still manages to fall in love with Ms Ho (Cheung Man), the school’s guidance counselor, as well as disrupting a gang involved in arms-dealing

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Tulak ng Bibig, Kabig ng Dibdib (1998) – Full Movie

Maricel Soriano, Robin Padilla

After spending a couple of years behind bars, Lando (Robin Padilla) wins back his freedom. But his prison record has incapacitated him from landing a job. Fortunately, a friend of his knows someone who needs a driver and a bodyguard desperately.

But that someone turns out to be Mariel (Maricel Soriano), the very woman whom Lando has had an encounter with. Desperate for a job, Lando agrees to work for Mariel despite his negative impression of her. As expected, their working relationship is as stormy as it can get. But love works in mysterious ways — even the rowdiest of enemies can become more than friends.

Hari Ng Sablay: Bearwin Meily & Rica Peralejo| Full Movie

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Movie Cast:
Bearwin Meily (Mars), Rica Peralejo (Venus), Joel Torre (Rodel), Al Tantay (Benjou), Nova Villa (Lola Gracia), Jay-R (Adonis), Tuesday Vargas